Friday, February 12, 2010

Conceptual Framework

My concept statement:

Jazz does not discriminate between race, region, or age. It is about freedom, and the American experience. It provides powerful statements through creativity, passion, and history. It unites people, but stresses individuality.
Jazz expresses emotion through rhythm, harmony, improvisation, and blue notes. Through the same elements, the space will reflect jazz in its essence.

A narritive on the experience:

I parked my car a couple of blocks down the street from the venue and as I am walking towards my destination I appreciate the architecture down town. The history of the town is written on the facades of the buildings. I can already hear the music. I enter the space through the street entrance and although the lighting is dim, I recognize the faces in the crowd. These are the people of my community. Spotlights are shining on the stage, becoming the focus of the room. The lights from above are reflecting off of the shiny instruments, making them glow. I decide to first go to the bar to get a drink, then join my co-workers and friends at a table. The rhythm of the jazz reflects that of the space. There is a distinct interaction between the music and the space and also with the people with in the space. Unity and harmony is dominant.

Monday, February 8, 2010