Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10 Environments

This interior is a fun mimic of a cozy home. It is at an evaluation in Canterbury. This stage has created a warm environment by introducing warm and natural colors. There is wood with flowers that create that natural feel. The lighting hangs from the tops of the tent. The light reflects off of the fabric and creates an ambient glow.

In this environment, the window treatments make the statement. They are tasteful, yet colorful. It creates an ambiance for the room. The pillow and other accessories carry out the same elements of the curtains, like the color. The black and white create balance.

This is an alternative to regular, flat, vertical walls. The wall is made out of eco-friendly fiber-board Maplex and the slices make the fabric a different shape. The gaps are backlit that create an environment to be softly lit. It makes an organically shaped holes.

Environmentalists and developers can both agree on plants. It is oxygen boosting and mood lifting. Not only are plants a good thing for your health, it can help with the aesthetics of a room. you can use it to hide a hole in a wall or infront of a window, like in his example. Greenery can instantly brighten an environment and make it a more pleasant place to be.

This workspace is a blend of home and work. The environment has a refreshing combination of industrial qualities and natural qualities. The red brick wall, the natural wood table and the hard wood floor come together to create a balance. The light fixture is a bunch of light sockets screwed together that resembles coral. The organic shape of the lighting and the geometric shapes of the brick wall create variety aswell.

The color yellow is used speratically to spice up this workspace and add variety. The space is organized with neutral colored boxes with yellow tape labels. on the desk there are unusual items that normally wouldn't be used as office supplies. A test tube holder is used to hold pencils and pens and a peice of yellow leather is used for a mouse pad. This space is ceatively designed for organization that is very aesthetically pleasing.

This rustic style table provides plenty of workspace and not many limitations. The iron legs are distressed and the chairs are antiqued. There are many lines in this space. The lamp and legs are vertical and the table and fireplace are horizontal lines. The black fireplace contrasts with the white wall. The combinations with the table and chairs create a warm, antique feel inspired by 18th century British design.

This work space is neat and organized while still aesthetically pleasing. The space is spiced up with the red chair, however the room is not overpowering because the desk is white. The combination of the red and the wicker seating is a nice contrast with the white desk. Shelves and compartments are made available in a compact space with lids.

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