Sunday, November 22, 2009

Salvation Army Select: Construction Process

The Salvation Army Family Store on Lee St. donated some furniture for us to use for construction. These products were previously used as register counters. They were not attractive, but in good shape. When I first saw them I panicked thinking about how to take these pieces and transform them into the design.

First we built a plinth, or a platform, underneath the two existing furniture pieces to keep them in place and to lift them up off the ground.

Secondly, we started the construction of the L shaped element. We constructed a frame out of 2x4s then skinned it with MDF.

We also covered the front and sides with MDF and painted it gray. Even though this was going to be covered with wood slats there was a large enough gap in between the wood to make a difference.

The L element was then painted white and red on the underside. You might notice something strange in this image. We did not prime the wood before we painted it, so then it was necessary to strip the paint in order to prime it. (PC: Kara Wolf)

Poplar wood slats were glued and nailed to the front and sides (attached to MDF).

The poplar slats received coats of oil and the L frame was painted.

The cash wrap being shipped to the site! (PC: Kara Wolfe)

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