Thursday, September 4, 2008

The 3 R's

The Greensboro Transit Authority also known as GTA is a city bus in greensboro. I went with a small group of people from the program--for safety reasons maybe. The bus picked us up at Elam and Spring Garden street. We arrived on time to catch the bus but it came early so we had to wait for the next one- which is inconvenient. So once we got on the bus I immediately felt singled out. As expected, I was the minority. It was obvious that riding the bus was a mundane event to everyone riding. And then I get on confused and oblivious to the inner workings of the public transportation aid. I feel like I took some cool pictures on the bus but the act of taking pictures on the bus was not cool. I felt like it was offensive to the people who ride the bus for some one like me to be taking pictures of the bus, which is something that is part of their life style. In a way it was degrading- like the bus is this object for these people and i am fascinated by their way of transportation. I also felt ridiculous because I got off of the same stop that I got on. Yeah. The bus ride was not that bad in itself. Even though I drive a car I would choose to take public transportation for a number of different reasons. I do ride the heat bus which is a part of the GTA. I was taking not of the people on the bus but segregation was not something that stood out in my mind. I did not see a specific pattern. Pertaining to the "3 R's" I rode the bus first. As soon as I got out of class I rushed to my place to grab my camera and then went to one of the bus stops. After riding the bus and documenting my experience I looked over the article and freshened my memory of the Greensboro sit-ins and other cases documented in the area. However this does not have much of an effect on my bus ride and my other experience with segregation. The high school that I attended in Winston-Salem was very segreation and diverse. Whites were the minority and this is what I am most used to. In the cafeteria during lunch time it was like some one had drawn a line that directed what race to sit where and it was very predictable. I feel the most comfortable in a diverse environment, this is how I was raised and this is part of the reason that I feel good about going to UNCG. So all in all what I got out of this exerience is an insight into the working mans most mundane daily activity. And more than likely offended them too. I learned how to use to GTA for future reference incase i decide to use it again, and I got the opportunity to play around in photoshop and learned some cool techniques.

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Lauren said...

Missy, I love how abstract your images were from the bus ride. It was also very interesting to read about your feelings throughout the ride. For example I can totally relate to the way you felt about being insecure in taking pictures on the bus. Good job!!