Monday, September 15, 2008

bus shelter interview in the community 2

Dalegolo is definitely an interesting guy from East Los Angeles. He was wearing a hat pulled side ways, labeled LA and a shirt that was striped with neon colors. His shoes amazingly was coordinated with his shirt, which was a bright blue and other colors. He works for Regional Financing as a field agent. They give people cash loans and other types of loans. I told him that a field agent was a good job for him because he can easily relate with people and he agreed with me. Dalegolo is about in his 20s and has been living in NC for 2 years. He says his dad is in the hospital and that is what brings him here. When I asked him what he thought about NC he replied, “It’s different. The world is different, slower. In LA you have to be n point there is not time to gaze.” Dalegolo is a regular on the GTA, he says that he takes it everyday. He got excited when I asked him if it would be nice to have a bus shelter out here. He said, “yeah that way you don’t have to sit out here and worry about getting hemorrhoids.”

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