Monday, September 15, 2008

bus shelter interview in the community 3

A Girl we interviewed at the Bus Stop

Question: How often do you use public transportation?
Answer: I’m from Washington D.C. and I used the public transportation there a lot, but I have only used it once or twice here in Greensboro.

Question: Where do you usually go when you ride the bus?
Answer: The 4 seasons mall on High Point Road.

Question: What are the differences between our bus system and the one in D.C?
Answer: The bus talks to you, and tells you what bus stop they are on.

Question: What would make your bus riding experience more enjoyable?
Answer: If the bus would come more often, there are also no boards near the bus stop listing the different routes you can take and where they go. Another problem is that the bus signs are hard to find and not known to a lot of people.

Question: How can we change the bus stations to make it more pleasing for riders?
Answer: Make more stops have benches, have times posted that the bus will come and have a shelter for poor weather.

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