Sunday, December 9, 2007

10 graphic media/designs

Kenneth Anger is the author of Hollywood Babylon. It is an offensive book which features shocking images of actors and actresses that have committed suicide or murdered. The book is about scandals that happen in Hollywood. The cover of the book is just the beginning of the best kept secrets in hollywood supposedly.

Hipgosis was a british art design group that produced this album cover for pink floyd and other rock bands during that time. Pinkfloyd had asked their friends Thorgerson and Powell if they wanted to do their album artwork for their second cd and they did. They later became Hipgnosis later.

Everyone has seen the album covers for the beatles cds. This album cover made abby road a must see attraction for music lovers. Lately it has been a trend to use graphic media to use as advertisement. For example, Mr. Clean uses takes a spin off of the abbey road concept.

Craig Butler is a graphic designer who has been working on a project called "the greatest album covers that never were." Butler and other graphic designers agree that album covers are beginning to be a lost art.

Maurits Cornelis Escher is one of the most famous graphic artists. He is known for his impossible structures. His work includes scenes of ascending and descending, relativity, transformation, and metamorphosis. He has also made lithographs, woodcuts, wood engravings, drawings, illustrated books, designed tapestries, postage stamps, and murals.

Sadik Karamustafa is a Turkish graphic designer. He owns his own design studio and teaches at a University in Istanbul. He is known for his personal poster exhibition which has been selected for many international collections.

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