Monday, December 10, 2007

Foreign magazines

Inside out is by far my favorite magazine. It is an interiors magazine from Australia. The magazine is about "inspiring homes with heart" with design solutions and decorating ideas. The magazine has good quality pictures of environments that are inspiring. The geography influences what appears in the magazine. Much of their articles and pictures include environments that reflect the laid back Australian culture and innovative style.

PingMag is an online design magazine. It is based in Tokyo. The magazine includes ideas and inspirations from designers around the world and locals. PingMag focuses on product design, packaging, architecture, web design, typography, illustration, photography, fashion, programming, graphics, art, crafts, etc. Tokyo is advanced in technology, therefore the magazine is an insightful window into electronics and entertainment and design.

Inside Switzerland magazine is a magazine observes Swiss culture, design, business, fashion, art and events. The magazine takes part in design fairs. Their interior issues focus on solving design problems. They also have a design focus on going green and bringing the outdoors inside.

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