Saturday, December 8, 2007

Review of design firms/organizations

Sheffield School is a creating design school. On their website they also have links to articles about some good designs and tips. They also have a link directing you to the "designer monthly," which has not been updated since August. The overall quality of the website is mediocre, but it is easy to navigate and is well organized.

HGTV decorating design ideas
is a good website. There are alot of link that organize the site and make navigation easy; however, it can be overwhelming when there are too many options to choose from. They even have a link to their blog, which is really cool to look through because they have cute things for sale. The website has links to articles for each week. And it can also be interactive because the viewer has the opportunity to vote on their favorite designs.

Interior Dezine
is a low quality website. There are way too many advertisements that it makes my computer slow. there are no links that I even trust to open and only one picture to look at that is relative to the page.

Eastern Corner
has a fairly low quality website. However, there are many links to choose from. I first found this website while I was searching for the top ten design firms and they had a good list of them. As I was navigating through their site I saw that they are also an online catalogue which includes items that are influenced by european and eastern countries. They also have links to articles about interior design, which i am partial to their articles over their products.

IA Interior Architects
has a great website. The whole site is aesthetically pleasing. When the page first opens the page loads in a really cool fashion with sound affects that isnt too over the top but it is impressive. When you move your mouse over a link there is also sound effects. The page is well organized and it very to the point. There enough pictures, sounds, and information to make you want to stay and navagate the page.

has a very impressive website. It is clean and also uses interesting color. The graphics are well done. On the main page there is window that previews a slide show with pictures of their work and clients. There are links that take you to where you can learn more about the company, but not much else.

The NBBJ website is the best one I have seen. The back rounds are all relative pictures to what you are navigating on the page. There is also interesting text that pulls you in. The menu is usually hidden but easy to pull down when you need to use it. The pictures are very interesting and all have an interesting perspective. I love it.

SCR Design Organization
's website is very clear on what their goals are. Featured on their main page is their motto: We bring two rarely heard phrases to every project: on time and on budget." There website is limited to information about the company and not much else. They are clear about their service and they also have a link to case studies.

HOK has a good webpage. The opening page provides a slide show of their work. The photos are taken at an interesting perspective. The back round is a gray color that is neutral and works with all the colors in the pictures. There is also a pop of red that they use in their logo.

Perkins and Will has an good quality website that also provides a slide show on the main page. Also on the main page is the company news. They are informative and organized on their web page. On the site there are links to direct you to more information about their goals and company. One of the links is a link to sustainable design.

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